Private Cat Boarding

Private room:

We offer private cat boarding in our home located in Madison Heights near Royal Oak. The private room is located in our finished basement and is kept clean and dry with all the necessary amenities a cat may enjoy

There's also a Cat Cam so you can view your fur babies day & night

*Please check the calendar for availability*

Nice large T.V


Cats enjoy catching up on their favorite Animal Planet shows or Disney movies

Cozy couch


The room has a nice cozy futon couch with plenty of room to stretch out and sleep

Cat tree and shelves


The room is roughly 10 ft x 15 ft with plenty of room for up to two cats

Litter area


Oversized litter box which is scooped 2x daily. A second one can be added of need be

Daily check in's and pictures


We offer daily text updates along with pictures of their stay (image: Golu enjoying a month long stay).

Requirements for Private Cat Boarding


For our Private Cat Boarding we require guests to be up to date on:



Fecal test for parasites and worms

Flea Prevention


We do require the cats to be:

  • People friendly
  • Well traveled and adjust to new spaces
  • No litter box problems
  • Non destructive (i.e, chewing, excessive scratching, marking, etc..)


We do require payment on the first day you drop your cat(s) off.  

  • 24 hrs- $20 one cat  / $25 two cats
  • 12 hrs- $10 one cat / $12 two cats   


  • Free-oral (in food) and topical
  • Pilling- $2 per day
  • Insulin- $5 per day (included both shots)
  • I.V fluids- $15 per administration

Holiday Rate

Please add $10 per day extra to Holidays

  • Memorial Day
  • Easter
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve/Day
  • New Years Eve/Day

Meet & Greet

We set up a meet and greet with you and your 

cat(s) before a trip is schedule to make sure it's a good fit for everyone. 

Plan for a 30 to 40  minute visit to monitor your cat(s) and go over all details