Cat Boarding

Private room:

We offer private cat boarding in our home located in Madison Heights. The private room is located in our partially finished basement. It's kept clean with all the necessary amenities a cat may enjoy. 

There's a futon that can be made into a bed, cat shelves, scratching posts, t.v, large litter box, basket of toys and a small window with a screen for fresh air. 

Nice large T.V

Some cats enjoy catching up on their favorite Animal Planet shows or favorite Disney movies

Super cozy bed

The room has a full size pull out bed along with cat beds throughout

Private room and entrance

The room is roughly 10 ft x 15 ft with plenty of room for up to two cats to play and enjoy lounging. 

Roomy litter area

We have a double sized litter box with unscented clay litter supplied. You are more than welcome to bring your own litter if your cat (s) would prefer a different kind. 

Daily check in's and pictures

We offer daily text updates along with pictures of their stay (image: Golu enjoying a month long stay).

Requirements for Private Cat Boarding


For our Private Cat Boarding we require guests to be up to date on:



Fecal test for parasites and worms

Flea Prevention


We do require the cats to be:

  • People friendly
  • Well traveled and adjust to new spaces
  • No litter box problems
  • Non destructive (i.e, chewing, excessive scratching, marking, etc..)


This service is 'cash only'. We do take payment on the first day you drop your cat(s) off.  

  • 24 hrs- $20 one cat  / $25 two cats
  • 12 hrs- $10 one cat / $12 two cats            


  • Free-oral (in food) and topical
  • Pilling- $2 per day
  • Insulin- $5 per day (included both shots)
  • I.V fluids- $15 per administration

Holiday Rate

Please add $10 per day extra to Holidays

  • Memorial Day
  • Easter
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve/Day
  • New Years Eve/Day

Meet & Greet

We set up a meet and greet with you and your cat (s) before a trip is schedule to make sure it's a good fit for everyone.