Daily Dog Walking


20 Minute

$17 per walk

Quick potty break and walk!! 

Service includes water refreshing and treats. 

Dog walking tracking included


30 Minute

$20 per walk

Your dog(s) will enjoy more time outside to walk 

and or play in the backyard. 

Service includes refreshing water, treats, feeding 

and or medication if necessary.

Dog walking tracking included


Additional rates & disounts:

*Rates based on one dog, please add $2 per additional dog *

Daily Dog Walking Hours: 

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm

Nights (4pm or after) and weekends please add

$10 additional charge per walk

5% weekly discount  for 5 days in a row

20 minute walk $81 per week

30 minute walk $95 per week

Daily Dog Walking in Royal Oak